Hells Gates - Noosa National Park

Hells Gates

Hells Gates is located on the coastal track and is a 5.2k round trip from the park entrance.

Allow 2 to 3 hours

  • 1km to Dolphin Point
  • 1.7km from Dolphin Point to Hell’s Gates
  • 2.7km from Hell’s Gates to northern Sunshine Beach

Pied Cormorants can be seen wings outstretched drying in a sunny spot on the rocks.

Many spectacular birds of prey can be seen hunting for food such as Osprey and Sea Eagles. With a keen eye and if you are lucky you may see one tucking into lunch of freshly caught fish.

Turtles are often spotted in this area, most commonly looking down into Hells Gate from the lookout. They search for food and can be seen resurfacing for air, then diving again into the clear waters.

Osprey - Noosa National Park
Hells Gate is also a very good place to see Humpback Whales on their migration path to Harvey Bay. If you are lucky you can sometimes see them very close in to the base of the cliffs between Fairy Ponds and the Hells Gate lookout. The Humpbacks can bee seen breaching, fin and tail slapping in small groups as them migrate north and eventually south.

Hells Gate is unfenced please read the Government warning signs as the cliffs are very steep and fragile.