Koala - Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park Koalas

Noosa National Park has a small active population of Koalas which can often be seen close to popular pathways and near the park entrance.

A good tip is to check with the parks information hut near the park entrance as they have a chalkboard which details recent koala sightings along with details of how to find them.

The male koala in the photo above was snoozing in a tree just behind Tea Tree Bay, oblivious to the many tourists taking his picture.

Over the last couple of months of summer he stayed in the same general area to the delight of the many park visitors.

Until recently a koala (nicknamed Harper) was regularly seen in Hastings Street in trees outside the surf club.

Unfortunately Harper passed away due to illness and a memorial can be seen in the garden behind the Hastings street roundabout.